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Romantic Leathers

Leather lovers, get your credit cards out and ready to use, because this is one trend you are not going to be able to pass on. Leather is completely revamped and now that we are already all hooked on our leather jackets, this might just come in time to make it easier for us to retire those veteran jackets in the coming – hopefully warmer – months.

This season designers are masterfully demonstrating the versatility of leather both as a fabric and in terms of the different mood effects it can create. Almost subconsciously we always expect leather to go with a dark, goth or grungy, rock-n-roll theme. 2011 Spring runways showcased a different scenario. Leather was not only gracing the runways of its typical masters Hermés and Balenciaga but also other famous fashion houses and designers who are usually known for their feminine and romantic silhouettes.

This time around, the overall mood was romantic and the tones softer while the cuts remained simple yet sophisticated in the shape of sheaths and shift dresses. In fact, leather is bringing a much needed face lift to these dresses. The simplicity highlights the sensuality of leather, a blank canvas that is rich and luxurious in character, flattering to shape and inviting to touch.


How to wear animal prints?

Isn´t it surprising that even if you absolutely hate animal prints, you might find yourself appreciating it on someone else? When it comes to animal prints, there seems to be a preconceived notion that not everyone can pull it off. Such a fast judgment indicates two possibilities, either garments can carry intrinsic qualities or we attach labels to them by associating certain clothing with certain types of people. In that case, those that are not brave and bold, you know, a little sassy at times will have to surrender their animal prints. Are you really ready to limit yourself, let alone your clothing choices like that?

The trick to wearing animal prints is simple. Do not go nuts with it, literally! Here are 10 considerations you should keep in mind when wearing animal prints:

1. Do not cover yourself head-to-toe in animal prints unless it is a costume with a head piece.


Spring in Nude

Past few seasons have seen designers incorporating the nude color palette more and more into their collections. Some have even brought out entire collections in soft cream, beige and stone tones. Nude has been hailed as the new black, mainly due to its versatility. Nevertheless, unlike our most faithful color choice, nude is anything but boring. This is such a natural that color keeps it interesting without much effort by making a bolder and a more flirtatious statement whilst still disguised in complete elegance.


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