How to wear animal prints?

Victoria´s Secret Bikini

Isn´t it surprising that even if you absolutely hate animal prints, you might find yourself appreciating it on someone else? When it comes to animal prints, there seems to be a preconceived notion that not everyone can pull it off. Such a fast judgment indicates two possibilities, either garments can carry intrinsic qualities or we attach labels to them by associating certain clothing with certain types of people. In that case, those that are not brave and bold, you know, a little sassy at times will have to surrender their animal prints. Are you really ready to limit yourself, let alone your clothing choices like that?

The trick to wearing animal prints is simple. Do not go nuts with it, literally! Here are 10 considerations you should keep in mind when wearing animal prints:

  1. Do not cover yourself head-to-toe in animal prints unless it is a costume with a head piece.
  2. Do not mix bold animal prints together. There is a sound reason why zebras do not hang out with tigers. Remember, abstract prints such as snake is more forgiving then dotted and lined prints when mixing and matching patterns.
  3. Opt for faux fur instead of real fur. If you are not living in an igloo, you are not missing much. It is morally responsible, cheaper, versatile and comes in a vast variety, a lot more than what nature offers…
  4. Stella McCartney Python-print tote bag @NET-A-PORTER

    Keep the rest of your outfit simple and free of patterns but don´t be afraid to mix solid colors in especially crisp white and neutral tones. This helps to provide a canvas to highlight the print on.

  5. Avoid wearing animal prints on your head. It could look cute on a kid but not on a grown up. Keep your fancy head gear for ski season if you must! You will blend in with the rest that still insist on wearing 80s clothing.
  6. Experiment with accessories first. Start with a pair of shoes, a thin belt or a bag. Keep to a simple and elegant design. Splurge on a little quality and they will become your wardrobe staples.
  7. Be mindful of the fabric the print is on. Leopard print on velvet is not the same as on silk. Most fashion disasters are born out of bad pairing of fabric and print.
  8. Buy a bikini in animal print. Animal prints can look very sexy in little doses on bare skin. It is way more classier than a printed ultra mini skirt.
  9. Pick your favorite print. You will notice zebra, leopard, tiger, cheetah, snake and so on each have a different style, plus each print will look different on your skin tone. Also consider your weight and height when picking out a print. For example, horizontal zebra prints will make your body look wider and shorter so make sure the print flatters your figure.
  10. Do not get intimidated by what you are wearing, it is about how you wear it… Wear it with confidence!

YSL Tribute Python Sandals

TCFashionista, X

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  1. Glee says:

    “There is a sound reason why zebras do not hang out with tigers.” I love that line. And yes, not wearing it from head to toe is the most important tip when it comes to how to wear animal print, unless it´s a costume. I´m getting more creative though and I start to mix this print with other prints. I´m about to write a post about this eyperiment.

    Thanks for this guide.

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