Spring in Nude

Chloé Spring 2011 Resort

Past few seasons have seen designers incorporating the nude color palette more and more into their collections. Some have even brought out entire collections in soft cream, beige and stone tones. Nude has been hailed as the new black, mainly due to its versatility. Nevertheless, unlike our most faithful color choice, nude is anything but boring. This is such a natural color that keeps it interesting without much effort by making a bolder and a more flirtatious statement whilst still disguised in complete elegance.

When it comes to nude, it is more about the simplicity and structure of the garment or the accessory. Granted, this is not a color you might find comfortable wearing at first. It is not a color known to be as merciful as black on problem areas nor as easy to match to your skin tone. If you feel like you are on display when wearing this color palette and think it is only for the very brave in a size 0 frame, well, think again, because designers are insisting that you get comfortable with it by offering you ample choices to suit your own style.

Rather than spending another season contemplating how nude would look on you, start your affair on black with something basic, such as a pair of nude pumps. Nude shoes are absolute wardrobe staples, one that will elongate your legs and look like part of your feet. Anyone who has put their feet into the coveted Brian Atwood Maniacs or the Christian Louboutin pumps would testify to the way these shoes effortlessly go with anything and everything while making your legs look a mile tall.

Brian Atwood Maniac Pumps

BA Maniac

Christian Louboutin Nude Pumps

CL Nude

Past seasons saw designers playing around with flesh and earth tones which translated into a luscious camel, tan, coffee, cream palette on the runway. Not only this trend created fantastic wardrobe staples that can be worn for years, it also revived many classics and brought them back into our closets like the camel coats or the lace dresses. In fact, many trends started emerging within this trend because it is just that versatile! You can let yourself be creative with such a color palette; keep it all neutrals, mix it up with jewel tones or achieve a contrast combining neutrals with bold colors. Dress up or down! Whatever you like…View the past season as a teaser for what is to come next autumn and tuck your camel coat away safely for your next encounter. If you thought nudes would be a passing trend so you could get away with sitting this one out, think again, but only after you have browsed some fabulous pieces on sale.

This coming spring opt for lighter blush shades with a slight tint of pink in soft and light fabrics. The trick is to find a color that is most flattering to your skin tone so that you do not look washed out. A useful tip is to keep the color range close to those of your blush and lipstick. If you like peachy shades, go for warmer tones. With the selection available out there, you are bound to find the perfect match. Happy experimenting… 🙂

From the simple lines of Chloé to the edgy Miu Miu collection and the skin bearing collection of Stella McCartney, many designers have been skillfully demonstrating the simple beauty of neutrals; you will be spoiled for choice! Check out some of the season´s favorite picks..

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