10 ways to avoid hair salon disasters & finding the hairdresser with the sharpest scissors

Hairdressers, you either love them or hate them! The problem is we can’t live without them. The good news is there are a lot of talented ones out there that can make you feel like you have grown a fresh head of hair. Here are 10 tips to help you find your dream hairdresser whilst avoiding ‘the frogs’…

  1. Do your homework, check out good hairdressers mainly around your area. Remember the closer the better, you might be enthusiastic the first time to venture on a trip across town to get the perfect cut but most of the times you will wish that you could just pop in for a quick styling.
  2. Ask friends and family for their recommendations but make sure that you also like their hairstyle and that they like you enough not to play a prank on you by sending you to a hairdresser from hell.
  3. It is OKAY to cheat on your hairdresser (assuming that you are not married to one :)). You don’t have to remain loyal to only one hairdresser, because they will each possess different strengths and weaknesses. In many salons, you will have various people specialising in different treatments for your hair from cutting, colouring to styling.
  4. Spot good back-up salons around your office where you can drop in before work or during your break for quick styling and touch ups. A million things can go wrong in the morning to prevent you from looking ready for an important meeting.
  5. Ask for a simple task on your first appointment. This way you can become familiar with their talents and the way they work, therefore, minimizing the risk of future disappointments. 
  6. Be assertive, don’t be bullied into a colour or style that you are not comfortable with. At the same time listen to the hairdressers recommendations, explain your lifestyle requirements (curls might look good on you if you have the time to maintain them) and let them work with you on what would be the best solution for your hair.
  7. Don’t leave the salon until you are completely happy with the results. It’s easier said than done; especially when the hairdresser appears satisfied with the results and thinks the job is done, and you think to yourself you could easily fix this at home. Don’t! DIY disasters will only upset you unnecessarily. Stop the vicious cycle and make them get it right, otherwise, move on to another hairdresser. Don’t pay and leave and then complain, you will only have yourself to blame.
  8. Learn your hairdressers name and address them with their name to make your hair a personal affair for them.
  9. When you achieve the desirable results, take a note of all the details: the colour used, the method, the person who did it. In fact, you can also put your smartphones to good use by shooting some self portraits (actually gives us a valid reason to pose :)) These days, many salons will keep a digital record of all your appointments and the details of your visit – they may even give you a copy.
  10. Finally express your satisfaction in tips! You will be remembered and welcomed again with a smile and extra attention.


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